Timing is vital to life-and-death intelligence work. Homeland’s black ops specialist Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) knew the importance of precision better than anyone. Recruited into the CIA at age 16, Quinn’s clandestine operations took him around the world for carefully crafted missions that required intentionally being at the right place at the right time – and then getting out just as quickly. In addition to being an expert assassin and interrogator (how’s that knife to the hand, Brody?), Quinn’s job also required him to be an expert at traveling – in other words, being on time and packing light. VIP Fan Auctions is offering two of his most valuable tools (not counting weapons) to the Homeland fan who places the winning bid: Quinn’s G Shock watch and brown messenger bag featured onscreen in the classic fourth-season episode “Iron in the Fire.” Click here for photos and more information – or visit the Homeland auction page to see all the available props and wardrobe from the hit series.