Chris Evans became a fashion icon shortly after the release of Knives Out. While it was his character Ransom Drysdale’s cable-knit sweater that sent social media into a tizzy, but his entire wardrobe from the hit whodunit is in-demand, including his sunglasses – and VIP Fan Auctions is offering two styles straight from the set of the film. Now available is a pair of his designer Carrera driving glasses with case and decorative wood box (click here for photos and more information). Also available (along with a prop Molotov cocktail form the film) is a dual set of his screen-worn sunglasses including a pair of Carreras as well as the rounded rose-colored sunglasses he wears on-screen in Knives Out (click here). Check out all the available Knives Out props and wardrobe, including one of Ransom’s sweaters and pair of slippers (click here) – and claim a piece of one of the biggest films of 2019!