Until the end of the world – and probably beyond – the leather jacket will always be cool. God himself donned a black leather biker jacket (as well as a dalmation mask, gloves and chaps) during His sabbatical from heaven in Preacher (click here for photos and more information). Tulip made her iconic maroon Veda leather jacket (pictured) a staple of her Preacher wardrobe (click here) as well as sporting an equally recognizable dark green Portmans leather jacket in multiple episodes (click here). Leather is the look of the Apocalypse – even Preacher’s Angel of Death uses a leather whip (click here) to help ease things in her direction. VIP Fan Auctions is offering each of these screen-used items – and many others – to the Preacher fans who place the winning bids. Click here to see all the props and wardrobe available and join the bidding today!