The characters of The History Channel epic series Vikings have distinct tattoos and even more distinct scars. Both undoubtedly carry memories of great victories and defeats – and no small amount of pain! Fans of the hit series have an opportunity to borrow the look of their favorite Vikings characters without the trauma by placing a bid on the same tattoos and scar prosthetics used in production to give the show its gritty, brutal look and feel. From Astrid’s (Josefin Asplund) elaborate neck and chest tattoos (click here) to the Angel of Death’s (pictured, Karen Connell) delicate face and neck ink (click here) to Bjorn Ragnarsson’s (Alexander Ludwig) unmistakable chest tattoos (click here) – you will find the Vikings design that resonates with you. Check out all the available tattoo sets at VIP Fan Auctions, and join the bidding for a piece of Vikings today before time runs out!