Killjoys may take place in a high-tech future where interplanetary bounty-hunters blast their ways across the solar system, but the series also has an appreciation for the simple elegance of days gone by – as evidenced by Dutch’s (Hannah John-Kamen) ornate “Kill Kit” (click here for photos and more information). VIP Fan Auctions is offering the modified wooden pirate’s chest featured onscreen in multiple episodes across multiple seasons of Killjoys. It is decorated with multi-colored beads and measures 11-in tall x 16-in long x 9-in. deep; Dutch’s Kill Kit includes an assortment of prop daggers (pictured) and other tools, which fit neatly into custom compartments. Don’t miss this chance to claim a trove of props in a stunning case that will look great on display. Click here to bring home a distinctive piece of Killjoys today! Don’t delay – this auction ends soon.