Neither Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) nor Zeph (Kelly McCormack) are lacking in either intelligence or strength on Killjoys, but each intergalactic bounty hunter favors one side over the other – at least if their wardrobe is any indication. In the fifth-season episode “Don’t Stop Beweaving,” the RAC agents embark on a road trip to confront a cult. For the adventure, Dutch wears a “Brawn” shirt while Zeph wears “Brain”– and VIP Fan Auctions is offering both wardrobe sets to the Killjoys fans who cast the winning bids. Dutch’s ensemble includes her black “Brawn” shirt and a black four-buckle skirt (click here for photos and more information). Zeph’s outfit includes her white “Brain” shirt and black pants (click here). Check out either or both of these Killjoys wardrobe sets – and see all the available props and wardrobe from the series – by clicking here to get in the bidding today!