Homeland will forever hold a place in television history as a truly groundbreaking, pulse-pounding series. The show focuses on espionage and terrorism, has no qualms about killing off major characters, and tackles human issues such as mental illness. It has also won six Emmy Awards, features one of the most complicated lead characters ever conceived – and key pieces of Homeland are now being offered to fans at VIP Fan Auctions. From a bloody shirt worn onscreen by series star Claire Danes’ Carrie Mathison (click here for photos and more information) to a black Hugo Boss dress worn by President Elizabeth Keane (click here) to the passport of fan-favorite assassin Peter Quinn (click here) and documentation for one of his fake identities (click here) – fans of Homeland will find a wide array of wardrobe, documents and assorted props from the series for every budget. Click here to see all the available items from the Showtime series Homeland – and join the bidding today!