In the new Child’s Play, the iconic killer doll Chucky (voiced by Mark Hamill) is up to some of his same old tricks – including slicing, dicing and generally scaring the snot out of anyone who crosses his rampaging path. VIP Fan Auctions is unafraid of getting too close to the revamped artificial-intelligence Buddi doll and is offering horror fans the chance to claim a piece of Chucky’s greatest hits of 2019. The auction site is offering a pair of Chucky’s screen-wielded knives (click here for photos and more information), a dismembered leg (click here) and gift-wrapped head (or so we think – it’s still unwrapped; click here), a bloody shark drone (click here) and, finally, the box (click here) in which Andy (Gabriel Bateman) disposes his problematic doll. Click here to claim a piece of the Child’s Play reboot while you can – and keep an eye out for glowing red eyes.