Killjoys’ top bounty hunter, Dutch Yardeen (Hannah John-Kamen) is bold, witty and deadly. Coming from a wealthy family (they owned a moon!), she easily fits in easily with society’s upper crust; coming from a family that lost everything, she has the empathy and perspective to be a friend to those with nothing. Trained by Khylen from a young age as an assassin, Dutch also knows a thousand ways to kill anyone who threatens her or her friends. She’s a complicated character who brings a phenomenal sense of style to the RAC – VIP Fan Auctions is offering her cool blue jacket from the second-season premiere (click here for photos and more information). Dutch gets even more complicated with her insane double (also played by Hannah John-Kamen), Aneela, in the galaxy. The daughter of Khylen, Aneela used her own DNA to and green plasma to create Dutch – it doesn’t get much more complicated than that. VIP is also offering the black cloak worn on-screen by Aneela in the fourth season premiere (click here for photos and more information). Click here to check out all the Killjoys props and wardrobe – and join the bidding for a piece of the hit show today!