Preacher is loaded with colorful, otherworldly characters, but Dominic Cooper’s Jesse Custer is the possessed clergyman that brings it all together. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the preacher’s signature Preacher wardrobe, including a combination of his black jacket, pants, shirt and John Varvatos belt worn in multiple episodes of the third season (click here for photos and to join the bidding). Also available is Jesse’s black shirt, pants and white clergy collar (click here) from Preacher’s second season – and his one-size-fits all eyepatch (pictured) and scarf worn on-screen in the series finale (click here). Check out all the Preacher wardrobe items, from God’s leather biker gear and helmet (click here) to Tulip’s red leather jacket (click here). Get in the bidding today for a piece of Preacher – it’s good for the soul!