It should come as no surprise to fans of Preacher that Grail Industries takes a very businesslike approach to running the Apocalypse. Under the watchful eye of Herr Starr, the End of Days should have gone according to plan, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering the screen-used binder that details it. Featuring Grail’s typically understated style, the white binder is elegantly labeled with a simple “2020” and “Grail Industries” on its cover. The title page inside the folder says, in red, “Apocalypse 2020 The End of the World” and, of course, some fine print warning the document contains sensitive security information, etc. Click here for photos, more information and to get your hands on this pivotal piece of Preacher. Also available is a screen-used Apocalypse Now newspaper (pictured), featuring the headline “End of Days Cometh” with a photo of the Statue of Liberty being washed away – and other equally uplifting stories. As any informed heretic knows, the newspaper has been in circulation since 4 B.C., and if the world is coming to an end, you’ll read it here first (click here for photos and more information). Don’t delay – prepare for the End today with these and other key props from the set of Preacher!