Pro dating tip: Think twice about entering a relationship with anyone whose child has a murderous doll – it will not end well for you. That’s a lesson Shane (played by award-winning actor David Lewis) learns the painful way in the new Child’s Play (now in theaters). Lewis says that even off-screen, the infamous Chucky made him uneasy. “They’ve got six or seven of the dolls and they’re two-and-a-half-feet tall, and sometimes they’d just be left around the set by the prop department, and it would scare the crap out of me,” Lewis told the Vancouver Courier. “I’d turn around and it would be there and it’s got this face and it’s looking right at you. I experienced legitimate jump-scares probably four or five times. One time, a member of the crew saw me jump and started laughing and said, ‘Yeah, that’s happened to me, too.’” VIP Fan Auctions is offering what’s left of poor Shane in the form of his detached (prosthetic) face attached to a prop watermelon literally wrapped in bow, courtesy of Chucky (click here for photos and more information about the unnerving gift. To complete the grisly set, VIP is also offering Shane’s prosthetic head and shoulders from which Chucky sliced off the face  (click here for photos and more information). Don’t delay – click here to join the bidding for a piece of visual effects from the 2019 version of Child’s Play today!