Thor is revered in Norse mythology for his strength, ability to dispense justice and for controlling the weather that for its impact on farming and sailing. Vikings hear Thor in the thunder, protecting mankind and the gods from giants with his famed hammer – and while his father Odin may be the most powerful of the gods, Thor is the most popular (rumor has it, the Norse idol even got his own comic book and moderately popular movie franchise centuries later). VIP Fan Auctions has secured a miniature prototype of the massive Thor monolith featured in the Vikings first-season episode “Sacrifice.” Though the statue featured onscreen was eventually designed a bit differently, the inspiration in the version created by the Vikings production team as 9-inch model for the giant statue in the Temple at Uppsala is clear. The Thor prototype features the god of thunder holding his hammer and a sword, wearing his metal helmet and armor. While Vikings undoubtedly saw themselves cast in Thor’s image, this unique piece of Vikings history will soon belong to the 21st century fan who casts the winning bid. Click here for more information on the statue and join the bidding today!