During its six-season run, Nashville became a cultural touchstone for country music lovers that combined big-time TV stars, amazing music and wild drama. While Nashville signed off in 2018, VIP Fan Auctions has acquired a treasure trove of props and wardrobe from the series, including a pair of dazzling outfits worn by Hayden Panettiere’s country diva Juliette Barnes. Her traditional beige-and-black rayon jumpsuit and belt worn on-screen during the sixth-season premiere (pictured) is on the grand ole auction block (click here for additional photos and information), as is her much less traditional glittery silver halter top with fringe and black short shorts from Nashville’s first season (click here for photos and more information). Check out these and other stunning pieces of wardrobe from the series – click here to get in on the Nashville bidding today, y’all!