On the other side of the hill, where no upwardly mobile kid from the Valley would ever go, is a dark and decadent place called Hollywood – where runaways, punks and rockers party all night and sleep all day. In Valley Girl, Hollywood also had an unshakable allure for aspiring fashion designer Julie Richman (Jessica Rothe) – and an aesthetic all its own. VIP Fan Auctions is offering several screen-used pieces from the other side of the hill, including the beat-up boom box with a painted-on “anarchy” symbol (and a few prop beer cans) – click here for photos and more information – as well as a plaid jacket and black bleached-out shirt worn by Mae Whitman’s Jack (click here), Sticky’s (Mario Revolori) drum sticks (and more prop beer cans – click here), a set of Randy’s (Joshua Whitehouse) shirts (click here) and more. Visit the Valley Girl auction page to join the bidding on a piece of Hollywood history today!