Valley Girl’s Julie Richman (Jessica Rothe) has dreams to take her beyond the malls of Encino – and she has the talent as a fashion designer to back them up. Case in point: The prom ensemble she designs and wears onscreen (pictured) – featuring a custom pink, black and white dress; totally 80s black lace fingerless gloves; multiple necklaces; heart-shaped earrings, pink bolero; and purse (click here for photos and more information) – stands out from the bright-colored poofiness of the era. Of course, if you’re looking for a bitchen throwback to the 80s prom styles, visit the Valley Girl auction page to join the bidding on the teal prom dress worn onscreen by Courtney (Peyton List), the electric blue gown worn by Karen (Chloe Bennet) or even the white and pink tux worn by d-bag prom king Mickey (Logan Paul). Grab your piece of the 1980-something Sherman Oaks High School prom wardrobe from the new Valley Girl (streaming on Amazon) today at VIP Fan Auctions!