The NYC penthouse home of the St. Patrick family on the Starz series Power is modern and elegant, in many ways mirroring the people who live there. Funded by a fortune amassed through Ghost’s rise through the drug trade, however, the end of Power marks the beginning of the VIP Fan Auctions estate sale for the now-fractured St. Patrick family. Now on the auction block are several distinct furnishings from Ghost’s house, including the mirror set from the entryway of the penthouse (click here for photos and more information), the three-way closet mirror (pictured) from Tasha and Ghost’s bedroom (click here for photos and more information), a sculpture from Ghost’s home office (click here) – and even a painting from Tommy Egan’s place (click here). Check out these and numerous other props and designer wardrobe from the series. Click here to see all the Power items now available and own a piece of Hollywood history today!