A bag of live monkeys would be a lot less grim than a sample bag of dead monkeys (prop monkeys, not real ones), but when you’re in The Hot Zone – one of the most terrifying TV tales since The Day After – of an Ebola outbreak, there are not a lot of silver linings. VIP Fan Auctions is offering props and wardrobe from the chilling TV miniseries based on Richard Preston’s nonfiction book that traces the origins of the deadly Ebola virus. Starring Julianna Margulies, Noah Emmerich and Topher Grace, The Hot Zone aired in May 2019 on the National Geographic channel and will undoubtedly remain on television as a cautionary tale for years to come. In addition to the screen-used sample bags of monkey specimens (click here for photos and more information), other auctions from The Hot Zone include Dr. Peter Jarhling’s (Grace) leather messenger bag featured on screen (click here), a screen-worn coat (click here) and Uggs boots (click here) worn by Dr. Nancy Jaax (Margulies) and lab coats, shoes, suits and more. Click here to see all of the available items (and monkeys) from The Hot Zone, and join the bidding today!