The hard-living bounty hunters of Killjoys are fun, heroic, sarcastic, smart – pretty much everything you hope for in a ragtag bunch of space cowboys – and the best RAC agents in the solar system. While Dutch, John and D’avin are definitely intergalactic outliers, however, they do follow some official protocols, such as wearing the standard-issue RAC uniforms their jobs require, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering Killjoys fans an opportunity to own their screen-used RAC gear. Now available is Dutch’s (Hannah John-Kaman) RAC jacket from the third season (click here for photos and more information); D’avin’s (Luke MacFarlane) RAC uniform from the second-season premiere (click here) – and numerous additional RAC uniforms worn by various characters throughout the series run (click here to see everything available, plus details such as RAC emblems featured on the jackets). For fans of Johnny (Aaron Ashmore), VIP is offering his black-and-gray suit – compete with pocket square – from the fourth-season premiere (click here). Don’t delay – these Killjoys auctions end soon, so click here to check out all the available wardrobe and get in on the bidding today!