As a former Army Ranger and current CIA operative, Dave Bautista’s My Spy character, JJ, has a very particular set of skills. Dancing, dealing with people and imitating a Russian mobster may not be among them, kicking ass is definitely at the top of the list – and whether it’s firearms, explosives or blades, his smitten partner Bobbi says he’s 50 shades of awesome. VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans of My Spy a chance to claim a key piece of the weapons cache Bautista keeps locked in his “Plan B” case – his knife (actually two of them). The knife (pictured) is being offered in two versions – a dull metal blade version with a sheath, and a prop version with a soft rubber tip (click here for photos). The knife set also comes with JJ’s CIA identification badge. Don’t delay – click here to join the bidding for this awesome prop weapon, used on-screen by one of the biggest action stars working today. Visit the My Spy auction page today!