From Han Solo to Starlord, hard-living space cowboys are universally beloved characters. Syfy’s Killjoys triples the fun with wise-cracking bounty hunters Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) and D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) over five seasons – with the final season blasting off on July 19. VIP Fan Auctions is now giving fans a chance to claim a memento from Killjoys, ranging from Dutch’s distinct wardrobe (including her red leather coat (pictured) from the Season 2 premiere – click here for photos and more information), weaponry (including D’avin’s pistol and holster – click here) and various props such as Dutch’s Zither Harp (click here), Remnant Orb (click here) and more! Click here to check out the massive haul of Killjoys items now available before the Reclamation Apprehension Coalition sends someone to take them back.