There’s no doubt that Chucky, the homicidal Buddi doll from the new reboot of Child’s Play, commits inexcusable acts, but what do you really expect from an impressionable piece of artificial intelligence raised on slasher flicks? In the hands of a bunch of aggressive pre-teens with questionable-at-best parental supervision, Chucky is exposed to unchecked violence in films and is given a hands-on tutorial in stabbing unicorns with pencils while yelling “This one’s for Tupac!” It’s a wonder anyone survives Child’s Play at all, but VIP Fan Auctions did manage to rescue the screen-used stuffed unicorn complete with visible puncture wounds (click here for photos and more information) and is hoping to find it a good home with a horror movie aficionado. Click here for photos and more information on the fluffy piece of magical goodness rescued from the clutches of the latest installment of Child’s Play! But don;t delay – this auction is ending soon!