Viking shields are identifiable by their round shape, large size and wood construction – and the shields used in the History channel series Vikings capture that authenticity brilliantly. VIP Fan Auctions is now making available to fans an array of screen-used shields from the series with the unique designs of the warriors who carried them into battle. The shields are constructed of wood, rubber and leather – each roughly 30-in. in diameter. Visit the Vikings armory auction page to see the six available shields carried onscreen by Lagertha (blue, black and red), King Harald Finehair (yellow with maroon X and black symbols, pictured above left), Ubbe (blue and red pinwheel), Hvitserk (Red and yellow, pictured above right), an Ironside warrior (red and black) and Ivar (maroon and yellow sun design). There are also broken pieces of Lagertha’s (Katheryn Winnick) shield from her epic fight to the death. Don’t miss this chance to claim a piece of Vikings – whether as a decorative collectible or for your own armory! Click here to see all the shields as well as additional weapons featured on the hit series.