Dave Bautista’s former Army Ranger-turned-CIA operative JJ in the action-comedy My Spy has faced terrorists, hijackers, human traffickers and other assorted “human garbage” – but no opponent has proven tougher, smarter or more adorable than 9-year-old Sophie (Chloe Coleman). She was clever enough to coerce JJ into taking her to an ice skating party, alert enough to surprise him on a run through the park, and ruthless enough to threaten JJ’s pet fish to prove she can get past him when challenged. VIP Fan Auctions is offering screen-used items from My Spy featured in each of these memorable scenes, including the vest, sweatshirt, cap, gloves and boots worn by Bautista at the ice rink (click here for photos and more information); the gray sweatshirt, tights, pants and gloves worn on his run (pictured, click here) – and even the prop Blueberry the Fish and fish bowl (click here). Don’t miss your chance to own a screen-used piece of Hollywood history – visit the My Spy auction page and join the bidding today!