Beginning in the second season of Killjoys, series star Hannah John-Kamen adds to her already heavy workload as superstar RAC agent Dutch Yardeen by taking on the role of Dutch’s enigmatic and seriously unstable sister-creator, Aneela Rit. VIP Fan Auctions is offering Killjoys fans some of Aneela’s most distinctive personal items, including the prop blaster she uses during the fifth season (click here for photos and more information) and her black-and-white faux fur jacket (pictured) worn during seasons 2, 3 and 4 (click here for photos and more information). And, of course, there are also a number of Dutch’s screen-worn wardrobe items also available at the Killjoys auction site. Click here to see all the available Killjoys items and claim your piece of one of the most imaginative sci-fi series in television history.