In his cold, murderous plastic heart, Chucky is a people pleaser. The iconic horror flick star gets a high-tech makeover in the 2019 reboot of Child’s Play as a “Buddi” doll powered by artificial intelligence to be the very best friend he can be. Unfortunately, when the young and impressionable doll starts watching slasher movies with friends, Chucky (voiced by Mark Hamill) gets a warped sense of fun – including grabbing some kitchen knives to mimicking what he sees on screen and scaring the crap out of Andy (Gabriel Bateman) and his friends. Those screen-used kitchen knives are now available at VIP Fan Auctions to the Child’s Play fan who places the winning bid (click here for photos and more information) – as well as a pair of screen-used pocket knives wielded by Chucky are also available (click here for photos and more information) and, for more heroic slasher moments, the hedge-trimmer Andy uses (pictured) to defend his mom from the homicidal doll is also on the chopping – er… auction – block (click here), so join the bidding on a piece of screen-used horror memorabilia from Child’s Play today!