Grimm’s fairytales don’t get much more grim than the tale of Hansel and Gretel, two starving children who stumble upon a cannibal witch who lives in a house made of gingerbread. Focusing on Gretel (Sophia Lillis), the story is retold with a horrifying modern treatment in the new film Gretel & Hansel (now in theaters), and VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans of the pulse-pounding thriller an opportunity to claim a piece of the movie’s creepy imagery, wardrobe and artifacts for themselves.  Check out the Gretel & Hansel auction page for dresses worn on-screen by Gretel (pictured, click here for photos and more information), unnerving dark cloaks worn by the Shadow People (click here) and chess boards, victims’ boots, staffs – and more! Click here to check out all the available Gretel & Hansel props and wardrobe, and get in on the bidding today to own a piece of this terrifying modern fairytale!