Preacher’s Saint of Killers (played by Graham McTavish) is a supernatural killing machine who was summoned from Hell to eliminate Dominic Cooper’s Jesse Custer. The angel Fiore warns Jesse that the Saint of Killers (also known as the Butcher of Gettysburg from his time on the mortal coil during the Civil War) is “a beast straight out of Hell – but he doesn’t want Genesis for himself, he wants to kill it, and you. And there’s nothing you can do to stop him.” In other words, he may be the baddest man ever conjured for television, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering some key mementos from the Saint’s time on television, including his cowboy hat, sword and wardrobe (pictured) in three separate auctions. The Saint’s hat is a black suede Stetson – the hat of choice for old time villains (click here for photos and to join the bidding). His prop sword measures roughly 41 inches and includes a scabbard (click here), and the Saint of Killers’ brown leather duster, boots, vest, pants, scarf and shirt have seen more action than any man should (click here). Check out these and other props and wardrobe items from the AMC hit series Preacher!