Not even God himself can escape the relentless Saint of Killers (played by Graham McTavish) on the AMC hit series Preacher. A flesh-and-blood killing machine whose fearsome roots extend to the Confederate Army, the Saint of Killers is summoned from hell to destroy Jesse Custer and amasses a serious body count along the way. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the Saint’s screen-worn gear, including his long brown leather duster, pants, shirt, suspenders and brown scarf – a wardrobe combination that strikes an imposing vision straight from the set of Preacher. Click here for photos of each piece of wardrobe. In a separate auction, fans can bid on the Saint of Killers’ screen-worn brown suede cowboy hat from the second-season episode “On Your Knees” (click here for photos and to join the bidding. Don’t miss this chance to claim a piece of one of the most feared television (and comic book) assassins ever imagined – on heaven, hell or earth!