Vikings is the more gloriously brutal series on television. If it weren’t so compelling, it would be painful to watch. Luckily, very few actors were maimed or mutilated during the filming of The History Channel epic thanks to the magic of television and special effects. VIP Fan Auctions is now giving fans of Vikings more than a peek behind the curtain by offering screen-used prosthetic body parts, wigs, character tattoos and more in its Vikings: Blood and Ink series of auctions. Click here to see all the available pieces – including the full head and neck prosthesis of The Seer (John Kavanaugh) from the fifth-season episode “The Lost Moment” (pictured), which meets the business end of Ivar’s axe (click here for photos and more information). Also available is the realistic nightmare demon wolf head-mask from the fifth-season episode “Hell” (click here for photos) and the nightmare demon goat head-mask from the same episode (click here). Check out all the available Vikings props, tattoos and other pieces at the Vikings: Blood and Ink auction site today to claim your piece of television history!