VIP Fan Auctions, in partnership with MGM Studios and ebay, will be offering exclusive items from the Vikings series in the official Vikings Artwork Event Auction starting on May 29th. This auction event that will feature a limited number of behind-the-scenes blueprints, storyboards concept, and screen used art from the series. All items come from the studio and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Vikings Artwork CatalogFeatured items will include King Ecbert’s screen-used Treaty with Seal from ep 420, Judith’s screen-used Virgin Mary print from ep 518, Rollo’s screen-used Mediterranean Map from ep 413, Athelstan’s screen-used artwork from episode 403, Bishop Heahmund’s screen-used Bible from episode 513, and the screen-used hand painted Map of Silk Road from episode 601.

View the Vikings Artwork Event Catalog for an overview of all of the items that will be offered from May 29th – June 5th.

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Featured Preview Items:

Vikings Series Auction Event Schedule:

Friday, May 29th – Friday, June 5th:

Artwork Event will offer 200+ pieces of screen used art, concept art, schematics, and related artwork.

Coming soon!

King and Queens Event will offer a selection of thrones, chariots, and iconic props. This event will be rescheduled due to Covid-19 Pandemic and country closures.


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