VIP Fan Auctions, in partnership with MGM Studios and ebay, are proud to announce the official Vikings Series Armory and Props Event Auction will start on May 1st. This is the first auction of a series of Vikings auctions that will feature exclusive hero props, weapons, drapery and set dec items from Vikings. All items come from the studio and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Featured Items include Ragnar’s sunstone, Rollo’s battle axe, Lagertha’s shield from season 6, Ivar’s throwing knives and axes, Floki’s Mask, and Bjorn’s Sword of Kings.

Vikings Battle Armory & Props Auction EventThe head of the Vikings armory and weapons John McKenna, explains in an interview with Australia, why everything, including spears, quivers, archery equipment and shields, have to be nimble and safe to use. “For starters, real metal would weigh about five times as much, proving difficult for actors to work with. You can still do some damage but essentially, everything is made from lightweight material.”

The swords are bamboo, and the shields, spearheads, and axes are rubber and then hand painted. McKenna indicates that “There are some hero weapons made of steel for close-up shots, but we can’t have any real practical weapons for safety reasons”.

View the Vikings Armory & Props Event Catalog for an overview of all of the items that will be offered from May 1st – 8th.

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Featured Preview Items:

Vikings Series Auction Event Schedule:

Friday, May 1st – Friday, May 8th:

Battle Armory & Props Event will offer a selection of 80+ props and armory items.

Friday, May 15th – Friday, May 22nd:

Blood, Ink & Prosthetic Event will offer 80+ tattoo, appliance, and prosthetic items.

Friday, May 29th – Friday, June 5th:

Artwork Event will offer 100+ pieces of screen used art, concept art, schematics and related artwork.

Tuesday, June 16th – Friday, June 26th:

King and Queens Event will offer a selection of thrones, chariots, and iconic props.


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