During its gloriously gory two-season run on Fox, Scream Queens was a campy romp of a 20-year-old murder mystery at Wallace University and beyond. Focusing on the Chanels (Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande, Billie Lourd, Abilgail Breslin), devious Dean Cathy Munch (Jamie Lee Curtis), Red Devils, Green Meanies and a star-studded cast of victims and villains – Scream Queens will continue to live on long after the slasher series signed off. VIP Fan Auctions recently acquired a trove of additional Scream Queens props – including a set of Green Meanie hands (click here for photos and more), a severed head (click here for photos and more) and a truly disturbing sketchbook of comically grisly murders (click here for photos and more). Don’t miss this last chance to claim a piece of the cult comedy from TV super-producer Ryan Murphy – click here to see all the available Scream Queens auctions now available!