Holda, the witch of the new film Gretel & Hansel (now in theaters) is a terrifying presence who not only kidnaps the legendary pair of hungry children, but also steals the film with her relentless web of evil. Played by Alice Krige in present day (pictured) and Jessica de Gouw as young Holda, she is an ominous head-sniffing, deal-brokering psychopath with an appetite for human flesh – and VIP Fan Auctions is giving fans the chance to bring a piece of the notorious cannibal witch into your home. Now available is young Holda’s screen-worn black satin dress, leather shoes and ring (click here for photos and more information) and several of the elder Holda’s screen-used staffs, including a multiple piece version of her staff used specifically for visual effects in the film (click here). Check out all the available Gretel & Hansel props and wardrobe pieces now available!