My Spy may be a story of a cute kid who melts the heart of a former Army Ranger-turned-CIA operative, but it’s also a hard-core action flick where countless lives are at stake – especially if the bad guys can get their hands on two things: a plutonium core and plans for how to use it. Thankfully, VIP Fan Auctions has secured both straight from the set of My Spy – the prop plutonium device, Geiger counter and case (click here for photos and more information) at the center of a firefight at Chernobyl early in the film, and the carefully hidden thumb drive and case (click here) in Chicago that gives Dave Bautista’s JJ a shot at professional and personal redemption when a slimy terrorist comes looking for it. Check out these key props, as well as additional pieces of wardrobe and weaponry from the action comedy at the My Spy Auction page today. The fate of the world may depend on it!